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Access extensive support for all aspects of your practice – be it processes & tools, research or investor outreach.

Maximise Your Efficiency
Exclusive Partner Training Programmes
We ensure that you and your team can use all the features of the iFAST India platform for maximum efficiency. Our training team connects with all of our advisers to understand their training needs and deliver:
Feature & System Update Training
Financial Tools And Model Training
Discounts on Top Rated Educational Courses
Maximise Your Knowledge
AMC Training
We bring you some of the best and most advanced training programmes conducted by asset management companies in India, covering:
Financial Planning
New Product Guidance
Practice Management
Behavioural Management
Maximise Your Coverage
Professional Indemnity Policy
Like any other profession, your advisory business is exposed to legal scrutiny over services delivered. We help you protect your practice and revenues from the impact with a professional indemnity policy, exclusively designed to cover advisory-related scenarios.
Safeguard your practice in case of legal action
Ensure continuity of revenue to your legal heirs / nominee
Maximise Your Insight
Independent Research
Tied strongly to our philosophy of goal-based, value investing, our reports help you develop the right investment strategies for your investors. With white labelling you can use our reports to educate your clients, while enhancing your own brand visibility.
Maximise Your Network
Adviser Retreats
Knowledge Sharing
The WRAP Summit is an India-focused event for our top performing advisers, while the Global Wealth Adviser Symposium (GWAS) has participation from our key advisers from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India and China.