• One-Cheque Advisory (Automated Fee Recovery)
  • Portfolio Management across MFs, ETFs, Stocks & Bonds
  • Scaled Execution with Seamless Switch & Mass Transactions
  • Diversified advisory with Global Investments
Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs)
  • Platform to support MF distribution assets while you transition to RIA
  • Built-in compliance, brokerage recon & more
RIA Network
  • Adviser network model to offer both advisory & distribution like a corporate RIA
  • Asia's largest network of independent wealth advisers
Mutual Fund Distributors (MFDs)
IFA Marketplace
  • Succession & growth strategies for all financial advisers
  • Business valuation & networking services for enabling: inorganic growth, collaboration, succession and retirement planning
All Financial Advisers

Are you an established RIA looking for the next level of growth? Or a Mutual Fund Distributor exploring multi-asset fee-based advisory? At iFAST India, we offer you solutions to propel you through every stage of your journey, ultimately helping you achieve a profitable, compliant and stable business with great valuations.


Our main offering for Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) in India is iFAST WRAP, a structured pool investment account wrapped with the following capabilities and services:

 Automated Fee Recovery
Automated Fee Recovery
With iFAST WRAP, you never have to wait for your client to pay your fee.
Multi-Asset Financial Planning
Differentiate yourself from online investment platforms with multi-asset advisory.
Active Portfolio Management
Win at active portfolio management with mass execution and switching capabilities.
Independent Research Support
Cut through the noise and volatility to know what really affects your clients.
Advisory and Execution Compliance
Meet all your practice compliance needs with built-in features & support.
Exclusive Partner Training
Maximise your gains from the platform with intensive feature & updates training.
Global Investments
Access the best global mutual funds, ETFs and bonds on our Singapore and Hong Kong platforms.


We understand that becoming a Registered Investment Adviser is a gradual process. Which is why we offer you the iFAST Non-WRAP platform, to help you prepare your business for the transformation with:

Digitisation of existing distribution assets; online opening of new accounts; on-demand client reports via desktops and mobile app
Mass transaction capabilities; quick portfolio reviews with adviser dashboards; automated, transparent brokerage reconciliation
Built-in transaction compliance for every execution; compulsory risk-profiling of every client; recording of advice & rationale for every trade
Advisory Support
Unbiased, independent research on mutual funds, with no push on specific AMCs or schemes

RIA Network

Do You Think...
RIAs are the future, but are not sure how the model will work for you?
You would like to become an RIA yourself, but are not yet ready to take up the licence?
Compliance requirements are stopping you from becoming an RIA?

Join the iFAST RIA Network

India's only RIA incubator, to be future-ready

The future of Indian wealth management is the hybrid model. Join iFAST Global Markets, Asia's largest network of independent wealth advisers to offer both, advisory and distribution like a corporate RIA.

With full support for compliance, technology, operations and research, the iGM network is your fastest route to growth and profitability.

Leverage iFAST Corporate RIA licence to offer advisory & distribution
Offer the best global investments to scale your business
Offer advice on mutual funds (direct & regular), stocks, bonds & ETFs
Over 95% fee recovery rate with minimal effort
As an iGM adviser, you also join an exclusive community of expert, driven wealth advisers from across Asia.

IFA Marketplace

What is the best growth strategy for your business today? Or its succession plan?

When it comes to ensuring the growth and continuity of your advisory business, you need expert guidance to help you meet the right potential partners and get a fair valuation. The IFA Marketplace is India's only exchange for buyers and sellers of advisory businesses, helping you:

Identify growth & succession strategies
Connect with other advisers to collaborate
Negotiate the best possible value for your business
Join The Platform
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